means an evening prayer or rest

In the hustle and bustle of Austin, we hope to create a space to slow down, chat with friends and neighbors, and create out of who we truly are. Vesper is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community space. From group meetings to galleries, neighborhood gatherings to weddings, fundraisers to concerts, meditation sits to yoga classes - we want to offer space for shared community initiatives that bring Austinites together by hosting programs that serve the community at large.

Our Model ​

To help sustain this mission, we also rent our space for private events such as weddings & receptions, private parties, company meetings, retreats and presentations. The income generated from these rentals then goes back to the community by helping to cover the cost of community events and partnering local non-profit organizations that cannot afford space at market rates.

This means that renting space at Vesper provides a benefit to both you and the local Austin community.